We are blessed in the Dudley area to have such a beautiful landscape of farms, forests, rivers and ponds. These lands help define who we are, and are critical to our quality of life. The fate of this resource is also in our hands. Working together, we can protect our fields and woodlands, our panoramic views, and our water resources so future generations will have the same opportunity as we do to enjoy these special places. 

TUFTS branch wildlife SANCTUARY

Our most visited property, these 81.3 acres are a combination of early succession forest, mature upland forest, wetlands and meadows.  The property, accessible from Healy Road in Dudley, was purchased in February 2008. In March 2010, the sanctuary was expanded via the purchase of an adjoining 6 acres.  The trailhead has been improved with a gravel parking area and an information kiosk constructed by Charles Perzanowski.  Visitors should be aware that dogs must be on a leash at all times.


“Slater Woods” is an approximate 75 acre parcel of mature  2nd growth forest of oak, maple and pine in the northeast corner of  Dudley.  The acquisition of Slater Woods represents the connecting link  in a 1.5 mile long greenway connecting DCLT holdings along Peter Pond in Dudley with Mass Audubon holdings along  Dudley-Oxford Road in Dudley.  With Slater Woods now held for  conservation, there are almost 250 acres of DCLT  Mass Audubon protected land along the greenway. 


Through a generous donation from Thomas & Francis Wieloch and other Wieloch family members, the DCLT acquired 77 acres along West Main Street in Dudley.  Unique features of the property include the presence of 2 vernal pools and the sharing of its northern boundary with the Grand Trunk Trail.  In February 2016, the DCLT acquired the three remaining frontage lots along West Main Street in Dudley from the Wieloch family.