Protected Lands - Wieloch Woods

Wieloch Woods is our newest property. Through a generous donation from Thomas and Francis Wieloch and other members of the Wieloch family, the DCLT has acquired 77 acres along West Main Street in Dudley. Unique features of the property include the presence of two vernal pools and the sharing of its northern boundary with the Grand Trunk trail. There is also an ongoing dam removal on Wieloch Pond so the stream can return to its natural course.

On February 2, 2016, the DCLT acquired the three remaining frontage lots along West Main Street in Dudley from the Wieloch family. These lands total 9.86 acres and were acquired at a bargain price of $15,000. We are indebted to our members and our foundation partners for their financial support. With these acquisitions, Wieloch Woods is now 87 acres in size.

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