Protected Lands - Leovich Landing

Leovich Landing is 4.1 acres at 52 Dudley Road in Oxford where the road crosses the French River. It is one of the few places where a public road, the proposed French River Greenway route and a paddling access point are co-located. The property is named after Peter Leovich, the prior owner of the property, who agreed to sell us this strategic parcel at a bargain sale of $63,000 in 2009. The acquisition of Leovich Landing had strong support from the Oxford, Dudley and Webster communities as well as the Town of Oxford, who contributed $5,000 towards the purchase. Leovich Landing is managed by the French River Connection. In 2010, the property was readied for public access via a gravel parking area and an improved launching area for canoes & kayaks. Although small in acreage, Leovich Landing is heavily used by paddlers for its convenient access to the French River.

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